Door problems in Toyota Siennas

I have owned a 04 limited sienna for almost a year and this is the 2nd time I am having to replace the rear door struts!!! Also now the cables on my side doors are fraying and need to be replaced. What’s going on? Is this a lemon or is it common? Help!!! Thanks

The newer problems may be a result of poor installation the first time. I would think twice about having the same shop fix it again. Are there any other Toyota dealers nearby, and does anyone you know have experience the them?

Are you asking about lemon status to exchange the van? That is typically for new cars, not used cars. It depends on your state law. Google “lemon law” and “used car” to see what advice is out there.

I think some service rep misguided you as to the real problem… make sure you go to the dealership and have them look up the TSB for the doors. If you had your problem the first time under warranty, they should cover it now too. I was at our dealership today (Northway Toyota in Latham, NY) and they looked at my doors, AGAIN. Great service this time. The two techs pointed out that water (or just moisture from the air) gets in the top of the door and the black strip installed there is ineffective- the doors freeze shut. Toyota has had many complaints, and now they are in the process of making a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) to replace the black strip (not the weatherstripping) at the top of the sliding door. They also coated my weatherstripping and door parts with white messy silicone, and within 1/2 hour of leaving the dealer, the door froze again! Will update you on doors when the replacement strips are installed. In the meantime,ask for a refund… you were misled. Toyota knows now that it has a problem with the doors freezing shut and the handle malfunctioning. Funny, to see the TSB’s for our vehicle, Toyota makes you subscribe to their service for $350 a year!