2009 Honda Accord Sdn - TPMS

My car’s TPMS Light comes on after about a half hour of Freeway driving and resets itself after the car has been stoped for a couple of hours. It never comes on during just City driving. I’ve checked the tires and all are at the correct pressure. My Spare tire does not have this Sensor installed. I took it to my Honda Dealer and they said the computer showed all Sensor Signal Failed with Codes 32,34,36,38. Since these were the original Sensors from when I bought the car new, I had them all replaced. But it still has the same problem. Since I have the Bluetooth on for my Cell Phone, could that be interfering with the Tires Sensors Signal to the Computer some how but then again why does it only happen during Freeway driving? Twice I’ve had the Light Reset itself while I was still on the freeway but that does not normally happen. The Light with the Tire symbol and Punctation Mark never comes on.

Maybe that device is too sensitive to tire pressure.A warm tire can show a 2-3 psi increase in pressure after a long drive.I would consider removing the fuse for that device if there is one.