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2010 Honda Accord TPMS light won’t go out

My TPMS light went on and will not go off. It is not the light with the tire icon it is the one that says “TPMS”. How do I turn it off.

The TPMS warning light indicates that the computer has detected an error, likely that one of the tire pressure sensors is not transmitting a signal because of a dead battery inside the sensor.

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Being 10 years old, you may have a sensor that’s gone bad.

Take the car to a tire shop, and I suspect they can help you out.

The obvious cause is one or more of the tire pressure is low. Have you checked the tire pressure? Do that first.

Actually it’s not. If the tire pressure indicator were lit that would mean a low tire. This is the indicator for a malfunctioning tire pressure sending unit.

Could be related to the spare tire.

If the car had a full size spare tire with a tire pressure sensor and the spare tire were missing from the vehicle that could cause a system fault however that is unlikely. I believe these cars have compact spare tires.

Does the OP’s Accord have a full size spare? If not, I don’t think it would have a pressure transponder.

No idea, but easy enough for OP to determine. Occassionally car owners will go through a lot of grief looking for tpms problems caused by the 4 road wheels when the problem is actually the spare, so since it is easy to do, good idea to get that issue out of the way first.

How is a vehicle owner going to check the transmitter in the tire? The tire pressure sensors and receivers are not easily serviceable by the vehicle owner, this needs to be diagnosed by a repair shop.

OP should be able to easily determine if the spare tire has tpms capability or not. Right?