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2008 Honda Accord TPMS light

TPMS solid light everytime after driving 35 miles. Tire sensors checked OK. Cold Tire pressure checked at 33lbs. SVC station just resets computer… but comes back again after driving 35 miles.

If you are able to keep an eye on your tire pressure you might just wait until you need 4 new tire and replace the monitors after all they are 10 years old. Some people just put apiece of tape over the warning. Don’t know what SVC stands for but Discount Tires had to use a hand held instrument to reset mine once.


I would consider Honda Technical Service Bulletin 07-007.

Apparently some/many/most of these Honda vehicles had faulty sensors to begin with and you could have a sensor with heat sensitivity. Once the tires heat up the bad sensor could be wrongly indicating low tire pressure.

This situation, if I’m guessing correctly, would make diagnosis difficult or impossible. You might have to replace all 4 sensors and see if that fixes it and/or check to see if PCM has the latest updates if they exist.
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Thank you for your reply

Thank you for your reply… Was very helpful

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Note that high pressure will also set off the warning light. Not sure where the trip point is, for me it was about 42-45 PSI.

Thank you… You are correct on that. Mine is about the same; at that point it seems to just forget about resetting…except to go to the service station to do it.

According to the owner’s manual I have (2008 Accord V-tech engine) when the TPM light is on the stability control system turns off.