Electrical issues

2001 Chrysler with issues. My Chrysler’s mirror adjustment switch was just replaced along with the fan switch. The problem with the mirror switch had two problems, it didn’t work in one direction, and when ingaged it that direction in blew out the fuse to the interior lights, dash, and door locks. The fan switch only worked on the highest speed. After replacement ($450) everything worked fine for 4 days. On the 4th day the mirror switch blew out the fuse again and the “down” adjustment stopped working. After replacing the fuse everything except the down adjustment on the mirror works ~ even the fan speeds. The next time I drive the car the fan switch stops working except on the high speed. My question is what could possibly be the cause of these issues? Second, what should I except from my mechanic? Is this something I should expect the mechanic who fixed it the first time to stand behind or am I looking at another repair of $450 plus whatever else is “causing” the problems?

It sounds like you want to the dealer and got charged $450 when it would have been less at an independent mechanic.

The dealer likely failed to find the reason the fuse when, maybe a short due to insulating scraped off a wire somewhere. The independent mechanic would not be more (or less) likely to have spotted it, but he would have charged you less for his work. The dealer appears to have not checked out the possible problems for the fan. My guess is you need a new fan motor. and a new resistor block (the part that actually controls the speed of the fan.