97 S10 Blazer Power Mirrors do not Work



I have a 97 S10 Blazer with right and left power mirrors. The mirrors were damaged so we purchased new mirrors from GM. I also installed a new switch because the old one felt rough. After installation, both mirrors do not work. I’ve traced the wiring harness and have power in the orange wire at the two lead connector just prior to the switch connect but no power at the switch. Their is a small circuit board between the two connectors, but I have not been able to determine the makeup of the items. They are not marked. They could be diodes but I’m not sure. What are these and could they be causing the problem. I doesn’t appear that I’m getting power to the switch. Any ideas?


A wiring diagram would be helpful.

If you can, have a look at a Haynes repair manual written for your vehicle. Sometimes libraries have access to vehicle repair manuals also.

No power to the switch? Perhaps the circuit board is damaged/faulty. Fuse good? Power wire from switch to the fuse block connected correctly?

If in doubt use long jumper wires to test mirrors and switches until all works.

The use of jumper wires will bypass possible damaged (previous) mirror wires.

You can get power to the switch directly from the battery to begin with, then jump the power to the mirror.

Don’t forget to ground the mirrors too.

I would concentrate on fixing the drivers side mirror first.