2009 Chevy Cobalt Wheel Lock Nut Wrench

I recently tried to get new tires installed but I never received the wheel lock nut wrench to get the wheels off. I’ve been searching for a week now … contacting Chevy corporate, talking to every Chevy dealer in the area, and also independent garages … trying to find a wrench to get these things off and replace them with standard nuts (I mean, really, who’s going to steal wheels off of an '09 Cobalt!?) No on can seem to tell me A) if they’re OE lock nuts and B) how I can get a wrench for them. All the dealers and garages want to charge me upwards of $120 to take these off and replace them. All I need is the wrench!

There’s a tool on Amazon that will probably do the trick. Wilmar M980 emergency lug nut removal set. It’s less than 15 dollars. Any parts store should be able to fix you up with the right lug nuts.

That doesn’t look like an OEM GM lock. You’ll probably need to use the emergency removal tool that pete mentioned above.

I would first go to your GM dealer with your VIN to check for the wrench. A variety of locking devices were used. If not then yeah, break it off. $120 one time charge might not be so bad, all things considered.

Thanks for your input everyone.

I had to get a new wheel lock key for my Honda Accord. I went to the dealer and within 10 minutes I had a new one. It took so long because the parts guy went to my car to make sure the replacement fit.

That looks like a McGard after market lock, contact McGard for a replacement key.

If they’re McGuard nuts and the first owner did it right…
Look in the glove box for a card or paper with a code on it for getting a replacement from them.

No, McGards have 6 points. If you enlarge the OP’s photo, his nut has 7 points.

Just get the universal emergency removal tool and be done with it.