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2009 Chevy Aveo - Weak Starts

A few days ago, the change oil light came on in my car. I haven’t had a chance to change it yet, but now the last day or two, when I go to start my car, I’ve been having small problems with the car starting. It sputters for a few seconds and the gauges jiggle a bit, the battery light and oil pressure light blink on and off a few times, but so far it still starts every time. Once it’s started, as well, it’s running fine. Not sure it’s related or if there’s something else going on (never had it happen before when the oil change light has registered). Has anyone ever experienced similar issues and, if so, have any idea if there’s anything I should keep in mind?

The change oil light just goes by a certain mileage (just to say “hey you did xxx miles now service me”) and is unrelated. with that said are you sure it is the service light and not low oil pressure?

If it is service you can start by checking loose grounds, main wire to the starter, clean battery terminals

It’s definitely the oil pressure light (separate from the change light), not the check engine/service light. Well, that and the battery light.

Sorry i misread your first post. but as before check the electrical connections.

There’s a smal chance your oil level is low enough that you aren’t getting good piston sealing and therefore low compression at start-up. So it runs poorly just after you start the engine. But after it starts the oil splashes around enough to bring the compression back to normal. It’d be a good idea to look at the dipstick before you start the car again, as you could be risking expensive repairs by running the engine if the oil is actually low.