Difficulty starting car immediately after oil change

Hi all,

Drive a 2009 Honda Accord with just under 100k miles. Recently took my car to a chain oil change place, not jiffy lube I promise (new to town, haven’t found a reputable mechanic). Anyways, had my oil/oil filter changed, and air filter changed as well. At the end, technician had me turn my car on — and I noticed nothing happened the first few times I turned the key. Eventually on the 3rd or 4th go, car turned on and I didn’t think much of it. I stopped a few mins later just to see if the car had trouble turning on, and everything was fine. Since then, haven’t had any issues with starting the car.

The only thing I can think of is almost immediately after leaving the oil change, the low fuel light went on. Could this even cause the car to struggle to turn on? I’m just trying to see if it’s worth taking it back to the shop to see if they possibly did something wrong when changing oil/air filter.

Do you mean that there was no sound of the starter turning, or do you mean that the starter was turning the engine, but that the engine didn’t start and run on its own?

Even if they did do something wrong, the likelihood of the NON-mechanics at a quick lube place knowing how to diagnose and fix a problem is somewhere between slim and none. If the problem recurs, I suggest that you take the car to a real mechanic.

If you are having problems finding a good mechanic in your new town, you might want to use the listings that you can access by clicking on “Mechanics Files” at the top of the page.

Nothing: no instrument panel lights?

Maybe someone at the shop is ham-fisted and damaged the ignition switch.
It’s 10 years old and probably a bit frail.
The ignition switch in my 1988 Accord failed at a bit over 10 y.o. IIRC.

Maybe after the oil drain, the oil pump takes a short bit to fill the oil passages and build pressure. If the engine doesn’t see pressure, it may prevent starting. It takes an extended crank or multiple cranks to build pressure so the engine will start.

I wish I was more car inclined, so apologies in advance. From what I recall, it sounded like the starter was turning the engine, but I had to give it a few tries before the engine got going.

No warning lights or anything since leaving the shop

I would not worry until it happens again .

any chance they changed a fuel filter, too?