Lost radio/cd display on my 09 Subaru

I no longer have anything showing on my radio/cd display, will I have to replace factory unit or could this be a simple fix of lose wire or fuse? Radio and CD still function

check fuses first.
how are the other display lights ?

here’s a scenario you rarely think of ;
1 - I’ve had customers who never touch or change their settings so rarely that when the rare other driver uses it and turns down the display rheostat…they truly had no idea what happened to their display lights.
one had the headlight switch on just parking lamps and could not fathom why he could not see the radio display which dimmed for night driving.
in each case we turned up the rheostat and instructed the customer about its adjustments. ( speaking of display rheostat, I’ve even had customers who complained of poor night time visibility…untill we turned down the brightness on their instruments and dash lights…they had no clue )

2- an old ignition switch can lose contact inside and not turn on your display. my 08 Expedition did just that twice last month. once in a slightly different manner. the radio display was on but no sound . the second time, days later, there was no display until we cycled the switch again.

check the fuses.
check your systems for adjustments.
cycle the ignition switch.
then start checking wiring and plugs.

in the older vehicles the radio had a bulb inside…I’ve change hundreds.
In the newer vehicles they’re lcd or led and not replaceable for which you’ll need a new or rebuilt head or display.

Hopefully it’s just turned down. I had to have mine replaced under warranty on my 09 Camry. When ever it would get above 90 deg it would be blank. Then as the AC cooled the car it would start working. Here is the drawing for and Outback. You did not specify model or whether it had the premium sound system or not…

Disconnect the battery terminal and see if it resets. Unplugging fuse is not enough since the radio is still powered to keep presets.