2005 Porsche Cayenne info panel is too faded to read

My 2005 Porsche Cayenne S information panel on the instrument cluster is faded. The writing can be faintly seen when I first start up in the morning. But within a few minutes, it’s all faded to a dull orange. How do I fix it short of replacing it. Can I say, use polarised glasses to view the writings?

Unless you inadvertantly dimmed the screen, there is no way to fix it other than replacing it.


This seems to be a common issue with the Cayenne/Toureg. The only way to fix it is to repair/replace the LCD panel (not the entire cluster). The repair cost for the OEM panel is around $150-$200, while new aftermarket panels are around $90-$120. These prices do not cover the price of removing the panel and installing the new/repaired one. That would probably cost another couple hundred bucks if you had a mechanic do it.

This is actually one of the cheaper repairs common to this car.