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2009 Aston Martin V8 Vantage - Brakes screech

It s Me , is correct . The majority of the shops listed in the mechanics file have posts so old that it is basically worthless . I also checked my location and a couple of nearby cities and most have not had a post in 8 to 10 years .

Thanks much for trying. Apparently I’ve always had a thing for odd-ball cars, including a Facel Vega Facellia that I bought in 1960 and drove it for a dozen years, then gave it to the auto shop that nursed it for me as its owner promised to fix it & keep it.

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You might try searching using terms like:
European Mechanics near me
British Mechanics near me
You might get lucky. With only 7200 miles, I suspect the screech is due to surface rust on the rotors, mine will give a few screeches after sitting for a couple of days, lovely orange surface rust.
RE maintenance, once you find a shop, due to age not mileage, coolant, oil, and brake fluid should be changed. Service and owners manuals can be found online. You may also have problems with stale gas, this beast needs to be driven.

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Progress is slow but my colleagues are trying to address the old listings. I don’t know anybody has gone through to definitively calculate the majority, but it is a recognized issue.

Don’t worry about it, George.

Thanks much for good advice, and my main hope in accessing CarTalk is to find a recommended mechanic or shop. Re screeching, I also suspect some rust on the rotors, as I’ve had it on previous occasions when the car was not driven for couple months. (I know it needs to be driven, but because of limited garage space it & one other car share a lift, so exchanging positions (top-to-bottom on one car, the reverse on the other) plus moving items from one car to the other takes almost an hour, so I do it only every 2-3 months.

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Surface rust on the rotors was my first thought too, especially if the OP stopped driving it again when he noticed the issue.

Otherwise, I’ll fall back on my default answer for British car issues and say it’s something electrical. :wink: