2008 Toyota Corolla Engine runs, car does not!

I was driving my car today, and I stopped at a stop sign. When I went to go, I pushed the gas, and my car revved up, moved forward, then all of a sudden it made a loud grinding noise (Like I was dragging metal sheets), and the gas stopped responding (but the engine was still running). The car still turns on, but whenever the gas is pushed, it doesn’t go and makes that awful noise. What could be wrong?

Could be a cracked flex plate, thats the plate that connects the engine to the torque converter of the transmission. Does it make this noise in park or neutral. If it doesn’t, then the problem is more likely to be in the differential, or a broken CV joint. Hope it’s the CV joint, they are cheaper.

Manual transmission? Maybe the clutch decided to give up if so.

Other than agreeing with keith, has any service work been done in recent memory in regards to CV joints, front hubs, suspension/steering, or even transmission fluid/trans oil changes?