Metallic Grinding Noise turning into a parking spot

My car has been doing this more.

When I turn into a parking spot

or my works’ parking garage my car

front end makes a Metal Grinding noise

But it does not make this noise when I

am driving - turning corners.

Car is a 2007 Toyota Corolla LE

(I miss my Beetle). The Toyota service

says brakes are fine and they see nothing.

I am not the only one that hears it…

My son has hard it and I have startled some pedestrians. Please advise.

Have a suspension specialist check out your suspension and CV joints first. If it makes the grinding noise without your braking, it is probably in the suspension. It is possible your other turns are not sufficiently sharp to make the noise.

Your brakes should pretty much grind whether you are turning or going straight if they are the issue.

If you can find a trusted independent mechanic (use Mechanics files on Car Talk home page), you can save money by not using the Toyota dealer. Using a dealer is generally the most expensive way to service your car. Franchise operations are not necessarily the best, either.

It is constant velocity which on your front drive shaft on your vehicle

Jeffrey, 7 year old question and your reply really is vague .