TPMS light went off again after replacing sensor

can somebody help me please? I had a Tpms light on and off, went to the auto shop and been told that the sensor has not been detected so it needed to be replaced. I paid $180 and today when driving on a highway the light appeared again… please help

Try this

hi, I appreciate the video, but I have honda fit sport 2013 and my car does not have a reset button, but as I believe I need a special tool for that. does anybody know why the Tpms light is on again? the tires air pressure is ok and the faulty sensor was fixed too so I have no idea why the light went off again…

Return to the shop and see what they have to say.

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well, they mentioned that other sensors may break anytime, but I hope I will not spend another $180 for another sensor or 3 of them. :frowning:

If in “break anytime” they mean, the battery in the sensor will dies and throw another TPMS light, then, Yes, the other 3 are at risk. And the next one may have just lost its battery.

I’d say that $180 to fix one TPMS sensor seems high, about 3 times too high.

yes, but just after replacing one and having checked the rest of them with some special device, the second one would go bad next day? is that my bad luck? also are they charging me too much? any suggestion where to go for cheaper service?

Agreed, emphatically.

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Well stuff happens…

Given that all 4 TPMS devices are all doing the same task with identical batteries, you should expect all should fail within a short time of each other.

Charging you too much, well yeah, that was in my post and seconded by others. Call around for estimates.

thank you, but since im new to having a car would you mind recommending any places?

When the batteries become weak sometimes their signals become intermittent and the shop may not have noticed that more than one sensor was failing. Go back to the shop and see if they will correct the problem for a reasonable price, they shouldn’t charge you a diagnostic fee this time.

A tire pressure sensor for that car is $41 plus .7 to 1.0 labor to replace and register the sensor. You won’t find a shop that will replace one for $60.

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Just plug in your zip code!

Good ideas above. Beyond that,

  • it’s possible the spare tire is the problem now.
  • sometimes when a sensor is replaced a manufacturer specific scan tool must be used to properly initialize the system. this doesn’t mean you have to use a dealership shop necessarily, but the shop you use may need to have the Honda scan tool.
  • when one sensor fails, as mentioned above likely the others are also close to failing. If you can wait until you need new tires, you can save some $$$ by waiting & purchasing the new sensors then. The tires will be removed from the rims anyway as part of changing the tires, so you won’t have to pay the labor fee twice.

ok, thank you. so I came back to the auto shop and after checking all the sensors with some special device, they told me that the brand new sensor shows’ no detected for some reason. so they changed it for the second time free of charge but when I was driving to work today the Tpms light went off again… I don’t know what to do anymore… in the end of the day I spent $180 for nothing because the Tpms light is back on…

thank you, I actually have brand new tires and only that stupid Tpms light bothers me. I think that somehow the brand new sensor cannot be configured with the new tire…

Would you consider ignoring the TPMS and checking your tires every week or so?

no, I feel unsafe when I see the Tpms light. plus I paid the auto shop $180 for sorting this out and it looks like the have not fixed the problem…

i had to enter menu to reset pressure monitor after 1 tire went low on our 15’ civic.
it does not reset automatically after you air up tires
i have not replaced any wheel sensors so perhaps the reset function protocol is different?

I have honda fit sport 2013 and my car does not have an electronic screen or reset button. i need a special devise to reset tpms… however ppl in auto shop did that, changed the sensor that was showing 'not detected 'and the same day driving was fine, no tpms light on. next day though already second time the light appeared suddenly when I drove on a highway…and does not want to go away.

My gut feeling is the shop does not know how to properly diagnose and perform tpms services and repairs

more specifically, they may have incorrectly programmed/registered the new sensor

Maybe they don’t even have the proper tool(s) to do it