2008 Nissan Rogue acceleration issues

I have a 2008 Nissan Rogue and I bought it used and it has worked great until recently. The issue I have is after 1-2 hours of driving at a consistent speed of 70 MPH it will stop accelerating past 2.5-3 RPMs(x1000). When it started happening, I was able to pull over, turn the car off for 10-15 minutes, and it won’t happen again until my next trip.

I can’t seem to recreate the issue except after going on a road trip. It’s kind of scary when trying to go up hills and when I slow down when I come into smaller towns and get to a stoplight, I stop, wait until the light changes, and when I try and accelerate again it’s jumpy and doesn’t respond for 3-5 seconds which can be annoying to the person behind me.

Any advice is helpful.

Your vehicle doesn’t have a conventional throttle body that’s controlled with a throttle cable from the gas pedal. Instead the throttle body is electronically controlled.


How this works is, there’s a gas pedal position sensor that sends a signal to the computer. The computer takes the information from this sensor and then sends a signal to the electronic throttle body and opens the throttle body depending on the signal from gas pedal position sensor. And this is what makes the vehicle accelerate.

So the problem could be with the gas pedal position sensor, the computer, or the electronic throttle body.


I also have a 2008 Rogue and it did start with an acceleration problem, but got worse. It would not go into the higher gears, we finally called Nissan. It was a transmission problem, they recently replaced the transmission. They have changed the transmission from 100,000 to 120,000. You may look into that.

If you have a transmission problem, here is the warranty extension information from Nissan.