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What's wrong

Nissan rogue 2008 what’s wrong with my car when I drive on the highway for two hours or more my car loses acceleration I push the gas pedal all the way to the floor and the still slowly accelerates and in some cases almost comes to a complete stop I have to turn the car off and let it sit for a while in order to drive it again I recently had my oil changed and they said everything is fine but I don’t think that they check the transmission or the fluid should I start there

Is your check engine light on? When you say it slowly accelerates and sometimes stops, does the engine slow down or does the engine race and the car slow down?

The very next time you do that, walk back to the gas cap, unscrew it, let the air whoosh in or out, re-install the cap and try to start it up. If it starts right up and drives away fine, replace the gas cap.


Could be a brake caliper sticking.

It could be a sticking caliper, of you are getting a pull in the steering at the same time.

I would lean toward a problem with the master cylinder or brake pedal. It is likely that the compensation port(s) is/are covered. With the compensation ports closed the brake fluid has no place to expand. As the fluid expands because of brake heat, the brakes will slowly be applied. The pedal may be holding the master cylinder pistons too far forward. The master cylinder cups may be expanded due to some contamination.

One way to check for the condition is to check the wheel temperatures after you encounter the condition. Place the back of your hand close to each wheel and feel for excessive heat–DO NOT TOUCH THE DISCS.

The solution is to check the clearance of the pedal push rod then replace the master cylinder.

Hope this helps. Let us know the outcome of this problem

Faulty fuel pump a possibility. A fuel pressure measurement might show this even when the engine seems to be performing normally. Or it might be necessary to do the fuel pressure measurement when the symptom is occurring to prove it is the pump. If I had that problem I’d start by reading out all the diagnostic codes stored in the engine computer memory, both active and pending, including a measure of the fuel trims.

Could also be a fuel filter.

As you push gas all the way in, do you see that engine RPM surges up?
What happens if you let gas pedal go, then push it again, do you feel a jolt in engine/transmission, how RPM responds?

based on symptoms, I suspect your CVT is about to fail, so as you drive for 2+ hours, CVT fluid gets overheated, it makes the CVT chain to slip more easily, resulting in “no acceleration” condition

if you answer “yes” on “is your RPM surges?” question, this is the most likely root cause, given Nissan’s CVT failure history and their undersized CVT fluid cooling radiator capacity or even missing CVT fluid cooler in some models