Intermittent loss of acceleration

I apologize in advance, I’m not the most mechanically savvy. I’ll just describe exactly what my 2009 Toyota Corolla has been doing the last couple of months. 6 months ago, I was driving down the freeway with cruise control and then my RPM’s went to 1,000 and and my accelerator would not work. I also noticed the check engine light came on. I pulled over, put the car in park and my RPM’s increase to 2,000. I shut the car off for about 1 minute and then my car worked totally fine. And the check engine turned off. A couple weeks later my car the exact same thing, but instead when I was just leaving for work in the morning in a residential neighborhood. Accelerator would not respond at all. And check engine came on. I took it to my Toyota mechanic and replaced transmission speed sensor wire. About 1 month later, I had the same issue. The mechanic said “I was hoping it wasn’t the throttle body, but that’s gotta be the issue.” This part cost $750 and a month later I had the same issue. The throttle body was warranty’d so the replaced that and the wire again but once again I have had the same issue. Has anyone heard or experienced an issue like this before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You can’t tell us the error codes stored when the check engine came on, could you?

Given you don’t work on cars yourself, I’d suggest you find a different mechanic. Yours is apparently guessing. This sounds, to me, like the gas pedal sensor is failing. But that is a guess without any error code to direct me.


+1 for Mustangman…

The computer controls the (drive by wire) throttle body, but it has to have an input, that input comes from the TPS built into the gas pedal, that tells the computer how much your are pushing on the pedal… just trying to make it simple to understand…

This is your gas pedal assembly (accelerator pedal position sensor)…

I just had my neighbor run the codes and it read “throttle pedal.”

There are 5 different possible faults related to the accelerator pedal, did you inspect the pedal for free movement?

The actual code itself… PXXXX would be more useful… but, seems like you do need a new throttle pedal assembly. Easy to replace, not that expensive.

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Do you ever notice this problem during drives when you don’t use the cruise control?