2005 Chrysler Sebring - fuses keep blowing

outside remote mirror adjuster button, inside trunk release button, powe lock button on door, inside lighting, radio and remote keyless flob not working. am=ny ideas? checked # 5 fuse inside car, was good. worked for awhile, blew #5 fuse again, so I replaced. worked 3 weeks, then blew fuse again. Now it just keeps blowing fuse, each time I replace it.

About all you can reasonably do is inspect the portion of the pertinent wiring that’s visible for bare copper wire segments too close together, etc. The release latch inside the trunk might be visible, maybe the radio connectors can be seen underneath the dash. Beyond that you’ll need to hire a shop w/auto electric expertise. First step, they would likely check for stored diagnostic codes related to the body control module. If TIPM equipped, they’d check that too.

My guess, the problem is a short circuit inside the driver’s side door, where the wiring moves from the door to the car’s body, in the hinge area. Every time that door is opened & closed, the insulation gets chafed a little more. That door has been opened and closed many times over the past 18 years I expect.


I am impressed you have a 18 year old Sebring that still function at all!

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