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2008 Impala, Interlock Shift Severed Wire

I have a 2008 Impala that has been having interlock shift issues for about a week. The interlock shift button would not depress. I was able to remove the center console and take a look at some of the wiring. It there’s a bundle of wires and there is a black wire that appears to be severed. From what I’ve read, this is a common problem with the Impala models from 2006 through 2008…it should have been a recall, but for some reason was not.

How can I do a low-cost DIY repair on this that’s going to be solid and prevent recurring problems?


Solder, a soldering gun, a small length of wire of the same gage, and some heatshrink.


Thanks! How do I determine the “gage” of the wire in my car?

this guy had a nice video of a fix.