2005 sebring ignitioninterlock cable

I replaced the steering column on this car because the old one was damaged from an attemtped theft.

I have everything back together but the ignition interlock cable was bamaged from the theft.

I’m trying to search for one, but my results are for DUI Interlock systems for drunk drivers.

Am I calling this by the right name???

It is a cable that attaches below the ignition lock and runs to the shifter.
I presume that is what allows you to only start the engine while in neutral or park.

Is this the right term for the part???


Try shift interlock cable.
It makes it so you can not shift out of park unless your foot is on the brake.

Ouch, $58:


Thanks @insightful; it’s half the price the dealer wants $110 + tax

I’ll order it in the morning!!!