2003 Impala Key gets stuck in ignition?

2003 Chevy Impala key gets stuck in ignition. Had it fixed initially because the key would come out but it would drain the battery. First mechanic replaced ignition cylinder and it got worse, now the key would stick in ignition and took a while to get out. Had it fixed again this past Friday drove it home all excited and when I turned the car off the key stuck in ignition. Going to call mechanic but looking for ideas on what is wrong ? Saw this video and it makes sense ?

The guy in the video didn’t say how he reconnected the wire. Solder?

He only replaced the ignition, never touched the wires…Thanks !

Apparently a common problem with this vehicle. Here’s a quote:

2008 Chevrolet Impala 60,000 mi, randy78
Wires broke on side of shifter. This part will fix it. GM #13583923 or acdelco #pt3923 around 20 bucks. It has 6 wires on it but all you have to do is cut 2 wires off that you dont need. It took me about an hour to fix this.

Thanks you , thank you !