2008 impala shifter solenoid

Having some issues, replace wire harness on my dad 08 impala worked okay but then couldn’t get the key to come out of accessories position, found out it was a 10 amp fuse by passenger door replaced that now here’s where I’m at. Car will start, shift and can be shut off properly but the shift lever does not come up properly on its own, (blue plastic rod shown in pics). This all arose from my dad not being able to shift after parking car shifter was stuck ( this was because of the faulty wires onto the solenoid ) he pushed the car forward a bit with his truck to make it able to shift not sure if this broke something else in the whole shift mechanism? Please help!

I think somethings wrong with the shift interlock mechanism or the shift linkage. I don’t think faulty wiring is going to cause you not to be able to manually move the shifter. Maybe I read that wrong?

Anyhow, I’d look at the shift linkage. Not sure what it consists of on an 08 impala. But if it’s bent or if bushings or worn, or if the little clips that hold it on to the trans are broken, that could very well be why it won’t shift into park. It may actually be halfway between park and reverse now. That would explain not being able to get the ignition out of the accessory position also. That blue rod isn’t supposed to come all the way up until it’s positively in a gear. If you shift to neutral (and verify the trans is actually in neutral by rolling the car), does the rod come up? If it does, the car isn’t in park right now.