2008 hyundai tiburon 2.7l coolant leak from water pump weep hole

Alright, this might be a little long, so i apologize.

I have a 2008 hyundai tiburon with a 2.7l engine that’s leaking coolant from the bottom weep hole.
Last week I was running my car, but it was idling as I was at a red stop light. I noticed that my car had started to overheat, so i pulled over and shut it down. It cooled off pretty quickly, and i made it home without any further problems. The next morning I had a doctors appointment, and within ten minutes of driving my car started to overheat again. This time I hadn’t idled at all. It started as I was cruising down the road at 50 mph and the check engine light popped on. I had to cancel my appointment, so I went to the local advanced auto and had them hook up a code reader to it.

Two cylinders started to misfire as a result of this overheating problem.The only time the bottom weep hole leaks is when I fill the radiator from the cap to the top. Every time I do this, the engine has been cool, so it isn’t expanding. Is this a sign that the water pump is bad? Is there any chance that the thermostat could have caused the initial overheating problem while it was idling which then caused a water pump failure?

I also want to point out that when I stopped at advanced auto after the initial overheat, the reservoir was low, but not empty. I topped it off at that point.

Are the misfires possibly just a result of the coolant spraying onto the spark plugs?
I dont know a whole lot of about cars, but I do know what I think to be enough to get by… I cant figure this out and I’m not in the position to take it to a shop. Any help would be wonderful!

When a water pump weep hole leaks coolant it means the water needs to be replaced.

The misfires could have been caused by the elevated temperatures in those cylinders when the engine overheated.


Replace the water pump now before you lose the engine if you havent already by overheating it .

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