Leaking Coolant

I have a 1987 Jeep Cherokee. It overheated because the water coolant reservoir cracked. I replaced the water coolant reservoir and the the front radiator hose (which was expanded). It seemed to be fine for a few days but now it is leaking green coolant somewhere towards the front bottom of the engine when I turn off the car and go look under the car. Any suggestions?

Could be the water pump. Typical for the age of the truck.

Agree; when you shut the car off, additonal pressure builds up in the cooling system, and if the water pump bearing seal is marginal, it will start leaking there. The same thing happened to me with a small block Chevy.

You need a pressure test done to see where the leak is coming from.

Good luck.

I only comment because I dont want readers to think cracked coolant reservoirs cause overheating. What is your logic in concluding the cracked reservoir CAUSED the overheating? I have a open mind.

Are you thinking every time coolant reached the reservoir it leaked on to the ground and was not available to be pulled back into the radiator causing a slow but steady reduction in coolant level? I would think you would have noticed this coolant on the ground the first time and it would not have turned into a radiator level lowering (of significance) situation.

Yes that was the logic – really only started noticing the problem after the car overheated the first time.

Thanks! We will get the pressure check done and have the water pump checked out!

On this year Cherokee (specifically the renix type cherokee) it has a closed circuit cooling system. If the resivior were to be cracked (which is extreamly common) the system will overheat. Acting like a bad radiator cap, which this year cherokee doesnt have, just an expansion bottle, the “resivior”. When the bottle cracks, it’s releasing pressure from the whole system, overheating the engine. I would hose away all the old leaked out coolant, start it up and try and locate the leak. You may have simply maladjusted the clamp when you put the new lower hose on.