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2001 Dodge Stratus 2.7 l

The water pump has been replaced but coolant is still coming out of the weep hole for the water pump. The weep hole is located right next to the thermostat. What does this mean?

The term ‘weep hole’ usually refers to a hole on the water pump housing that is directed up to the shaft between the rotary shaft seal and the bearing. It allows escaping water and steam to bypass the bearing.

You will have to be more specific about where the coolant is leaking. If this leak is through a metal casting, it may be a porosity or corrosion leak.

Post back – help us help you.

Dodge in its infinite wisdom has the timing chain driving the water pump for this particular model. So the weep hole is located next to the thermostat housing since there is no way to inspect the water pump housing with out disassembling half the engine. How this weep hole is tied to the water pump I don’t know. All I do know is when I pour coolant in it leaks out this hole. The car will not hold coolant. Also when I blow into the upper radiator hose I can feel air coming out of this weep hole. According to the DIY manuals this weep hole is how you can see if your water pump is functioning properly. Well the water pump has been replaced with genuine MOPAR parts. Also I am getting coolant in the oil pan. The car seems to be running fine without any warning lights. Just need to figure out what is going on with the cooling system.

On further research I see how the water pump is mounted and sealed. I cannot see how the weep leakage passes from the water pump shaft to the outside of the block. But if you are getting flow from the weep hole and coolant in the crankcase the most likely problem is a misplaced or broken seal of the water pump to the block. You are going to have to go back in and see what is wrong. This time before you reassemble the front of the engine see if you can pressurize the cooling system and see if it is air tight before you go further. You should be able to tell if you are getting air out of the weep hole or past the water pump to block seal.

Let us know what you find. We are learning here.

I took it apart again and found that either I hadn’t tightened it enough or the gasket failed. It was definitely the water pump leaking. I managed to get it back together and it holds coolant now, but for some reason it is leaking…gushing oil on the filter side of the oil pan. I have changed the oil pan gasket (lots of fun there) and it still is gushing oil. Where else could it be leaking from? This car is driving me nuts!

Check to make sure the oil pressure switch isn’t leaking. Some are screwed into the block next to the oil filter.


Well I went and removed the heat shield that sits over the oil pressure switch and found that it was dry and didn’t appear to be leaking. I looked around and could see fresh oil up higher. It appears that it is coming from the head gasket. I could move the gasket where it is exposed and could see oil between the gasket and the block. I think that answers my question about where the oil is leaking. Next question…do I put a new engine in or fix the head gasket?