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Car puking coolant

I have a 2005 Chevy Impala with the series 2 3800/3.8 and it is leaking coolant bad. It has been sitting for a few days as I haven’t bought and replaced the water pump yet. There is a large puddle of coolant on the ground right in front the right front tire. It has been leaking daily. I checked the lower hose and that is dry and in good condition.

My question would the water pump be leaking that much coolant while park. I never seen one just leaking this much or for that matter at all when the water pump went out. If the seal was shot you would think you would see it pouring out of the water pump but that isn’t the case.

I also have checked the heater hose elbow, which are usually plastic and can crack. However they must of changed it to the aluminum elbow. No coolant in the oil, it isn’t milky or sweet smell.

Any thoughts. Could it be a crack in the engine block? Coolant plug? Or just the water pump.

See if coolant is leaking out of the weep hole on the water pump.


You can see it in the left image.


I can see the weep hole on the top side and it is dry. When I did start it a few days ago to confirm it was the water pump. I notice it spraying out of the weep hole, as my glasses were covered in coolant.

Well as Taryl would say “thars your dinner”. Might not be the only leak but one of them for sure. I actually don’t remember having much of a leak problem with my 3800’s but when the bearing wore, the pulley would have enough play in it to throw the belt off. Even with brand new pumps I would rarely get more than a couple years out of them (50K).

@Bing What I found odd. There isn’t any movement I could get from the water pump pulley. I do hear a of squeal, which I believe is coming from the water pump pulley. I ordered a new water pump and going to change it tomorrow, so hopefully that will take care of it.

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No movement means the bearing isn’t that bad yet. Leaks come from a bad seal. Younl could have a bad pump seal with the bearing still OK.