2008 Honda Fit Sport making knocking noise in engine

https://youtu.be/3ZIWLRf5HCU my engine has been making this sound for a while now im at 125000 miles, any ideas what it could be and if i need to be worried about it? also, possibly unrelated, it has a SUPER hard time shifting into reverse, it gets stuck and it feels just super sticky shifting in and out of reverse. sometimes i cant even get it to go into reverse without letting the car roll a bit. Also, at around 3k rpm the engine sounds a little grindier in any gear.

Would the OP like to provide us with the sign-in code that is necessary in order to watch/listen to that video?

We are getting a screen that says… This video is private.

Automatic or manual shift?
Have engine’s valves been adjusted? Is other maintenance up to date, including transmission fluid??
A loose heat shield in the exhaust could account for a noise - buzz - at certain RPMS. That might be mistaken as an engine sound.

It’s a manual. Hence the problem shifting into reverse. I fixed the private video issue sorry about that guys

Also, as far as maintenance goes, it’s been through 2 general servicings in the past 6 months so if they did their jobs, yes its up to date

This does not sound good, but I’d like to see a video with the engine idling and you flutter the gas a little. Just so it’s not a stagnant sound from idle to 1500 RPM a few times will do.
You don’t want to disturb the neighbor hood with that beast.

I was thinking “Rod Knock” but with the sticky shifting???

Is this a manual or automatic?


Manual. Will take new video tomorrow. Lol thanks for the “beast comment” I’m very proud of my baby car

It sounds like something in the the valve train to me. Your best bet would be to get this noise diagnosed by a good independent mechanic. Noisy usually means damage is occurring as you listen to it.

I agree with Missileman that this sounds like a valve train problem.
Has the valve lash ever been adjusted?

And, I tend to agree with Shanonia that the noise you hear at ~3k RPMs is likely to be a loose or damaged heat shield somewhere in the exhaust system.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLM93VXi0og ok heres the one revving

the valve lash has not been adjusted as far as i know, also, anyone have any ideas on the sticky reverse shifting?

This is something that should be attended to ASAP.
Now that I’ve listened again, I’d say the valve train too.

And every time you operate it like this you cause more wear.

As far as the hard shifting. Check your manual if there is any adjustment to the clutch linkage, but I doubt it is adjustable.
You may be ready for a new clutch and pressure plate.


Would any of this be covered under the bs 2 year extra warranty I bought with my car haha

Depends on the exact wording of the warranty. Read the fine print carefully. Most of these are worded so that very little is covered, although the ones from the dealer tend to be a little better than the third party ones.

if it is valve lash that is the source of the noise…that is a maintenance item that should have been done many miles ago, and the clutch is a wear item just like tires, hoses, and belts.

Now that I think of it, has the timing belt been changed also. That should be past it’s recommended life and also needs attention ASAP.


Fit uses a timing chain, not a belt. Get those valves adjusted!

Some manuals- including I think Honda’s - don’t call for a valve lash adjustment unless noise is present. As has been pointed out here before, that is not good advice despite it being in owners manuals.

Valves that are too tight make less noise, even though they are more prone to wearing than valves that are too loose (and thus noisy.) Once the wear caused by too-tight valves occurs, you have noise AND worn parts.

Every few years I have checked the valve clearances on my 1999 Honda Civic. It is not hard to do. Each time a few valves were out of spec and needed adjustment.

My hunch is that taking off the valve cover, it will be determined that one valve clearance has gone far too loose because the nut has loosened or even fallen off.

http://www.hondafitforums.com/showthread.php?t=1373 so is this basically what needs done?

Yes…but if you are not qualified to do this task you can do more harm than good. I would suggest taking the car to a good independent mechanic for the valve adjustment. It’s better to be safe than sorry.