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Car making weird noise and losing power: 2007 Honda Fit

Please help. I have a 2007 Honda Fit automatic transmission. It started making a weird noise when revving above 3000-4000 rpm, like a chain clinking sound mixed with a rattle/ clink sound and a kind of exhaust chug. Has new plugs, wires good, coil packs good. It has slowly been getting worse for the past few months to the point it is losing power going up hills, going like 40 mph up normal hills. It wants to accelerate up to 5000 rpm for 5 seconds then shift down to 3000 and won’t go above 30-40 mph going up steep hills. and after driving for a while seems to get exhausted and can barely make it up any hills lol. This is a big long mountain pass mind you but it used to do it fine. The noise it makes when it gets above 4000-5000 rpms is loud and sounds like the thing is just going to fall apart or blow up, but the check engine light is not on. It used to only do it going up hills (or maybe that’s just when I noticed it) but now it does it every time rpms get high.
It also stops making the noise when I back off the gas, and keep the rpms down. I also noticed it rattles a bit while making the noise going over potholes. At first thought it was simply a heat shied or something because I had to go over a giant speed bump a lot at my old apartment, and it scraped going over, and never made the noise before that. Thought the bump may have jarred something loose, but how could that explain the power loss? It doesn’t make the sound when revving up to high rpms in park, only when driving. Also noticing much reduced fuel efficiency, like 20-25 mpg which is bad bc it used to get 30-35. Have been running Lucas fuel injector cleaner as well as Lucas octane boost to no avail.
Could it be the flex plate? Could it be motor mounts? Bad valves? Loose timing chain!
Got the car 6 months ago and now has 150,000 on it. Runs good in idle. Starts up fine with no weird noises. Everything else works. What could it be?
Ps I like waaay out in woods and mechanic is far away over 2 mountain passes so want to get idea of what it could be and if safeish to drive.

The catalytic converter could have gone bad due to the loss of power you are experiencing.Also,check the entire exhaust system for leak.


An engine running so badly it causes those symptoms would almost surely turn on or even flash the check engine light. Transmission is the more likely trouble spot.


AFAIK this car has CVT and slipping CVT chain may be one of potential issues.
I can totally imagine TCU might call ECU to limit RPMs if slippage is detected.
I would check the CVT fluid condition and it it was not replaced (by 150K miles??), change it with Honda OEM fluid, it may be well overdue.


Actually it did flash the check engine light briefly yesterday for the first time but was still cold and I revved it up too much. When it’s cold it does not want to accelerate and does the 5000rpm to 3000 rpm thing with barely any result, but once it warms up it speeds up.

I dont think this one is a cvt. Thought may be transmission related though, but doesn’t sound like the flex plate. Also transmission shifts good. Should check the fluid though thanks for the reminder

That’s what I was thinking. Can I shove some rebar up there to clear it out just temporarily to get to the mechanic?

You could remove the precat 02 sensor to get it to the mechanic. If it is indeed restricted the symptoms will disappear, but will be a loud drive.