Honda Fit sticky shifter

I have a new 2008 Honda Fit–stick shift–base model. Its a great car, and normally it shifts very smoothly, but occasionally when shifting out of first gear, it “sticks” very slightly and then pops out of first. It seldom happens and doesnt matter whether hot or cold–the car or the weather. The dealer’s service guy thinks its my fault–not depressing the clutch long enough–but I’ve been very careful to monitor this, and that’s not the answer. Any help?

I would get the district mananger soon and get this fixed or you can major problems . something in gears are wrong from factory or shift is bad. or clutch may not operating and keeping you from moving shifter into gear. yes this act like you did not push the pedal to floor.

Keep records of your visits to the Honda dealer, and make sure they keep records too. If this turns into a warranty fight, you’ll want documentation that you’ve been trying to get them to do something. If the problem persists, keep going back to the dealer. That’s why you have a warranty.

I would suspect something is wrong in the 1/2 synchronizer hub assembly. This means an internal transmission fault and you absolutely, positively, MUST document every trip into the shop on this problem in case this turns into a Lemon Law issue. You should receive a written copy of the repair order when you take it in and this R.O. should clearly state your complaint and what if anything they did to resolve it.

A couple of questions. Did you buy the car new, as in 4 or 5 miles on it, or was it a dealer demo with several hundred miles on it?
Does it stick if you try shifting the transmission out of 1st gear when the engine is off?

Will do.
Bought it new–29 miles on it–had to be driven from another dealer about that far away. I just tried to shift with the engine off–very smooth in all gears–in and out. Does that tell you anything? The weird thing is that it is this smooth most of the time–then, every once in a while, it gets briefly sticky.