2008 Honda CR-V - worth repairing rocker arm?

I have a 2008 Honda CRV, engine light stays on and I tested it with diagnostic scanner it shows the problem that the rocker arm needs to be repaired. How much will it cost to repair and is it worth it considering its a 13 yr old car?

i never heard of a code for a rocker arm. but I could be wrong. post the code. did you mean rocker arm oil pressure switch .p2646

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  1. Have a proper diagnosis performed. Some shops will waive the diagnosis fee if they perform the repair.
  2. After you get the diagnosis and repair estimate only you can determine if you repair this car or replace it.
    There are just too many variables involved:
    Condition of your car.
    Number of miles on it.
    How well maintained.
    Does it need other work performed.
    Can you afford payments on a new car? Note, I said new, used cars are in short supply and currently, IMHO, overpriced.
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if thats the code this might help
Honda CR-V P2646: Rocker Arm Oil Pressure Switch Circuit → Low Voltage | Drivetrain Resource (700r4transmissionhq.com)


2008 CR-V’s are selling for $6-10k in my part of the country. No idea what condition yours is in but the repair shouldn’t be more than the vehicle is worth. Only you know what else might be wrong with it and how it’s been maintained so take that into consideration.

The pressure switch should not be a major repair. My only concern would be the mileage on the car and whether this problem was caused by low oil levels or inadequate oil changes which can affect everything else inside the engine.

Hard to say on repair costs as that can vary a lot by locale. The repair on the East or West coasts might be double what it is here in OK.
Either call a local shop or check Repair Pal; although I find Repair Pal to be a bit skewed at times.

I have an appointment tomorrow I will be dropping car off at the mechanics.

Can I drive or is it going to stall on me?

Make sure it’s not low on oil (one of the possible causes) and go gently on the throttle It’s worth fixing,