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2002 Honda CR-V check engine light

I have a 2002 Honda CR-V My check engine light came on a couple weeks after oil change, I noticed that they put the wrong oil in my vehicle. I took it in they ran it on machine to see what the code was is said block sensor. They reset it , I then drove off and less than 2 minutes later it comes back on! I called them and complained I felt it was because I had been driving with the wrong oil 5w30 , so the mechanic shop said to drive back and they’d replace for free with 5w20 . They said instead of just replacing the knock sensor that they needed to do a full inspection for $125. I said ok and brought it back next morning. Instead of it only taking an hour it took 15 minutes they were done and said everything was working fine. Nothing wrong or nothing needed to be fixed? So I drove home and check engine light comes back on. So the next morning I called them and asked if they could take another look on my way there 2 miles away it turns off before I get there. Is this a good sign? What should I do? I’m worried my car just won’t start?

The oil didn’t cause your knock sensor error and they didn’t fix it for “free,” they charged you $125. And who are “they”? A dealer? Or a quick change oil place? Either way, don’t take the car back there, they are idiots and crooked ones at that. They used the wrong oil which shows how stupid they are.

I won’t explain what a knock sensor IS but it won’t cause your car to not start. The light has gone out so the problem is solved. It may come back, don’t take it back to the same place, ever. Research for an independent, well reviewed local shop. Ask friends and co-workers, check Yelp, Google and the BBB to find a good, non-chain, (NOT Pep-Boys, Les Schwab, ect) shop to work on your car the next time you need it. And given it is a 2002, that will be soon enough. Good Luck!

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