2008 Honda Accord

About 3 weeks ago I got my car inspected at the dealer and everything was good to go! As of 3 days ago I started hearing a loud screeching sound (metal-to-metal) from the front left tire area. The sound was getting progressively louder and more frequent. So I took it to the dealer today who checked the brakes and suspension. They drove it 25 miles and claimed to hear no sound of the sort. I drove it this evening and the sound is repeatedly getting worse. It is inconsistent but has happened while going over a bump, making a right turn, or simply driving straight. It does not seem to be associated with braking. Any suggestions?

Take it back and take them out for a drive. When it makes the noise, point it out to them. If they still can’t hear it, ask to take his boss out for a ride when you get back. Sometimes you need to get their attention with a 2x4.