'98 Accord 'groans'



My '98 Accord with 110K has started to occasionally make this creaky, groaning sound. It happens sporadically, but it’s usually when I let up on the clutch and accelerate. It’s very brief when it happens, but it seems like it’s happening more often. Also, the other day I started driving, going bout 25 mph, for 5 minutes, when I got this loud scrapping sound coming from the front right side of the car. Sounded so bad I pulled into a driveway to turn around and go home. I made a quick left turn, then backed up into the street turning right to head home. The noise completely stopped and I haven’t heard it since. Any ideas on what might be going on with my car. If it helps I have snow tires on it now. Thanks for any help you can provide.


If it is humid in your area it could be rust that develops on the rotors overnight and after a few applications it is gone. Maybe!?


Look over the right front tire and see if the plastic inner fender liner is coming loose and rubbing on the tire.