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2008 Honda Accord gearbox trouble

2008 Honda Accord 4dr, V-tech,Automatic,bought used @34,000 miles.Steering gearbox replaced (under extended warranty) at about 40,000 miles. Gearbox leak ‘fixed’ (under warranty) twice in the last 18 months. Currently 55,000 miles and extended warranty ends next month. Is there any solution/resolution to this or should I just trade the d*** thing in or have a ‘real’ mechanic fix it? Other than that I like the car.

Are these OEM racks being installed?

Or aftermarket?


First step: Take it back and have them “fixed” it again, before the warranty ends. Then you’ll have a record of an ongoing problem should the “fix” not take. I expect to finally rid yourself of this problem the steering gearbox will need to be replaced again. Probably has a damaged seal somewhere.


As @George_San_Jose1 says; Take it back and have them fix it again.

Buying it used, they may be using the cheapest gearbox they could find.
Insist that you get a OEM part and that they warranty the new gearbox for at least 2 years or 30’000 miles.


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Original whole steering unit replacement at about 35,000 by dealer I bought it from , under extended warranty. It was OEM re manufactured (the dealer claimed) . Twice since then they (the dealer) repaired ‘leaks’, again under warranty. Inspection due this month, so I thought I’d take it back there (the dealer) since the warranty expires at the end of this month (Aug.2018) and have them check it again. If there is a problem I’m considering calling Honda (maybe the dealership is screwing me), mentioning contacting an attorney or just getting a new/used vehicle. Current mileage only about 57,000. Not what I expect from Honda. Your thoughts?

Honda is not going to do anything on this 10 year old vehicle with a replaced steering unit. The cost of an attorney might be more than having some other place put in a good unit.

Thanks. I’ll explore it with my local mechanic. Other than that steering problem (and the usual oil consumption issue) it’s a great trip car.