2008 Dodge Avenger POWER WINDOW problem

I have a 2008 Dodge Avenger and all of a sudden the passenger front window decided not to go up anymore. It went down fine but when it was time for it to go up it said NO! I bought a new motor thinking that was the problem and put it in but NOTHING! It would roll down but do nothing going up. I took a meter to the wire and Im getting 12v when I flip the switch but the motor does nothing when I try to put it up. I have checked everything that I can think of and cannot figure this out. Can someone PLEASE PLEASE help!!!

Isn’t this car still under manufacturer’s warranty? If so let the dealer take care of it for you.

I have the same problem on an older Ford. I lubed up all the guides etc. but that didn’t help. The window works except for when it goes all the way down it dies, but if I whack the motor with a mallet it is fine. Wishing not to spend the bucks for a new motor and drilling out the rivets etc. to replace it we just do not put the passenger window all the way down. I disconnected the passenger switch to avoid accidental guest lowering. After hearing your story I am glad I did not replace my motor. There must be some kind of a sensor that stops the motor when the window hits bottom. Let me know what you find. been that way for 2 years, hope it works to at least get your window closed.

The problem might be with the passenger door module. This is what controls the window motor function. If you bring it to the dealer they can connect a scanner to confirm this.


The car isnt under warranty, thats what i get for being a cheap a$$ lol. I dont think its the door module cause it wont work using either switch (driver or passenger side) but when I put a volt meter on it I get power both ways. Is it possible that I got a bad motor from the dealer?