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Broken intake manifold runner solenoid cable

My car has a broken IMRC cable (looks like a bicycle brake cable). The car runs normally but brings has the check engine light on. Now, the ford dealer tells me Ford doesn’t sell this part anymore. The car still looks good,and runs Ok. Just a question, what does the IMRC do? Any suggestions on this puzzler?

I would try and help you if you could post 1.details about you car 2.links on what the cable looks like. 3 code related to the light

The car is a 99 Ford Contour SE with a 2.5 L Duratec 25 V6 engine. Its got 146,000 miles. I had a mechanic look at it. He performed an ECM diagnostics test and found a P1518 code. The mechanic also found a the “broken intake runner solenoid”. I don’t know whether this code is related to the IMRC and the broken cable (looks like a bike brake cable). Otherwise the car seems to run OK, although beyond 3500rpm the car may feel like its losing power, like going through a pad of water and may not go beyond 60mph.

Code sure sounds like it is related, P1518 Intake manifold runner control stuck open (Bank 1)So for me to go further (and not BS you) I really need to find out if this is as suspected a variable lenght intake manifold, as this would explain some changes in performance.

Can you see if it is possible to braze the cable (explore methods of repairing the cable, or try salvage yard)

The IMRC is basically a different name for “secondaries” - there is a split intake port, one part of which is usually closed. The IMRC module opens a set of butterfly valves to allow more intake airflow when it is needed. If it is stick open you’ll probably run lean much of the time, and stuck closed, run rich some of the time.

Like oldschool said, check out the junkyards (this is a great site: or I’m sure that someone can fabricate a cable for you. You’d need something unlike a corporate chain store and more like a local parts store. I would even try motorcycle shops too.

I’m pretty sure these can be bought in the aftermarket; even on eBay.

The IMRC provides 2 different lengths of intake runner by opening and closing a flap(s) and this usually occurs around 3000 RPM.
It provides different torque characteristics by changing the path of the air flowing through the intake.

Thanks guys, this helps!