2008 Chevy Malibu - Locking system problems

Hi there,

I just recently purchased a used 2008 Chevy Malibu LS. I have been having one consistent issue with it - the locking system. Most of the time, the key fob works as intended. However, sometimes, some (but not all doors) will unlock (or lock) but others won’t. Even more strange is that the locks will make the motion of moving, yet they don’t. I have already replaced the key fob twice. Stranger yet, sometimes the lock and unlock buttons on the door will do the same thing! In addition, usually when I shift into drive or reverse, the car will lock the doors like normal, but sometimes it will do nothing. Same happens sometimes when I shift into park, which usually unlocks the doors. Finally, the dash keeps saying that my key fob battery is low even though I already replaced the battery with a new one (I know the fob isn’t at fault here). Does anyone know what the heck is going on? I have a feeling this could be an expensive repair…

The BCM may be starting to fail.


Thanks for replying! The alarm always works though, but I’ll look into it. Does anyone else have any ideas?

The door lock actuators are weak, the door latches will need to be replaced.

This has nothing to do with the remote, while sitting in the car with the doors closed, lock and unlock the doors ten times, I think that you will find that none of the door lock actuators continue to operate after five actuations.

I have replaced hundreds of door latches because of power door lock actuator failures, I may have replaced 3 body computers over the years.

Oh I’ll get that checked out! Any advice on why the car keeps thinking my key fob battery is low when it definitely is not? No way to reset the message and it only goes away for a bit after I disconnect and reconnect the car battery.

Also I noticed it messes up even more when its really hot outside, so that makes sense.

You have message on dash that says remote batteries have issue? How is it worded? Take a pic. It’s easy to upload pics. Try it