09 chevy malibu. Trouble locking and unlocking driver door and back door

Sometimes the locks in the doors do not lock or unlock and I have to use a key or do it manually if its not the drivers door. Only in a certain range of temperatures does this problem occur. It happens when it is roughly between 65 and 85 degrees out.

It will not have this issue when it is cold nor will it happen when it is beastly hot, just when its a bit warm. I press the lock button on the fob and all but the drivers door or the door right behind it will lock. It is frustrating and I want to know if there is something I can do to help prevent this from persisting and to know if the locks will eventually fail completely if it goes unchecked.

it has never been in an accident, but shes had her doors slammed a few times in the past by my passengers.

i should add that when the fob is pressed the lock moves a little, but not enough to completely unlock the door. next time it happens i will be sure to experiment and see if it happens when i press the lock button on the drivers side door and do anything else i can think of to get more specific

Chances are that someone needs to remove your door panel(s) and clean and lubricate the mechanisms in the door. Since the locking shaft does move a little, the system is being energized. So the mechanism is probably just sticky.

Try using a penetrating oil like WD40 to free-up the door latch mechanisms. Wipe away any excess that does not stay in the latch. Open and close and manually lock and unlock the door repeatedly until you see improvement.