2008 Chev Malibu remote lock failure

Remotes suddenly will not lock/unlock doors or open trunk.
Background - guy left key in ignition in ‘on’ position overnight. Also thunderstorm with very near lightning strike during that time.
Battery dead in am, though after jump start it was not necessary to reset radio, clock, etc.
Neither remote works.
Checked the door lock fuse - looks OK, but did not replace it as there were no spares in the spare slots.
Where else to look for the problem?

I have had this problem as well with our 2009 Malibu with one of our key fobs. Problem was cleared by removing battery from key fob for a period of time (several minutes) to allow fob to fully discharge, and then replacing battery with new battery. Problem reappeared after resetting DIC settings (see Owner’s manual). Problem again cleared by removing fob battery as described above, but replacing with same battery after a period of time.

Worth a try, but didn’t work. Since the fobs were in two different places and both died at the same time, I think the problem is on the car end, but I have not found a solution.