GMC power locks

The power locks completely stopped working, what is the probable cause?

Blown fuse? If so, why?

When you say completely, you mean they don’t work with the remote OR individually from inside?

CEL? Dash warning indicator light?

When I push the button on either door I can hear the relay click for both lock and unlock. With the fob I can also hear the relays click, it will also set the alarm flash the headlights, and honk the horn as it should. I changed the fuses and still no locks. I bought the truck new and it has never been messed with.

Also, there are no warning lights.

What year is it, Bob? Out of warranty, I guess.

If you can hear the relays activating perhaps try to reprogram the lock/unlock mode. There should be instructions in your owners manual.

It’s a 2001. I will try reprogramming the locks.

Reprogramming the locks did not work. I either need to get a wiring diagram or take it in to a shop.

I don’t think you are hearing relays click most likely actuators trying to work

It took over a 100K for the PDLs to stop working on my 2000 Focus,never could find out how to disable them with the computer(the manual windows still worked fine) have you tried squirting a bit of penetraing lube in the actuators if you can get to them?-Kevin

The sound that I hear is from the fuse/relay panel in the dash. There is no sound in the doors.

Problem solved! A bad wire in passenger door blew a 20A fuse (not clearly labeled as a lock fuse), but it’s all good now.

Thanks for the help,

As mechanics we are trained to check all fuses whether they are labled to indicate they apply to the system you are troublshooting or not.

If a pro made such a mistake it could cost him his job. The owner would figure if such if such a sympton so easily stumped you that you are likely to have further problems,roll out your iron buddy.

Thanks for posting the results.