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2015 Toyota Corolla - Brakes and Rotors Squeal After Brake Job

Brakes and rotors still squeal after being changed

Take it back to the shop thatn did the work and tell them.

I did take it back, but he wants to know where the noise coming from. So when i drove the car , the noise just happened once. Then Jeff who is the mechanic drove the car with me and nothing happens. He told me to come back again when they make the noise consistently. I am the female and need advise on what other suggestion. By the way before I brought this to the shop my brother changed the brake pad but still make squeaky noise. That is why i bring it to the auto shop but still making noise while i stepped on the brake.

If your brother changed the pads and did not replace or resurface the rotors, they will make some noise until they wear in together. Some brake pads and rotors always make noise but otherwise work well,
People who want to avoid brake squeal usually use factory pads and rotors.

I usually avoid noise with aftermarket pads. but I spend a loy of time on a brake job. Time that a mechanic working on other peoples cars can’t afford to spend. I always grind or file the slides flat and grease them with syl-glyde even when thy are covered with stainless hardware, always grease the pins. Always replace the hardware and have taken pads back to the store when I didn’t like the looks of the new hardware.

On my 2012 Camry, there are wire springs thet fit into the sides of the pads backing plate that help retract the pads and the factory springs have a little kink where they go into the holes, the first aftermarket ones were straight.

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If the brake noise is so infrequent it can’t be much of a nuisance, on the other hand Jeff might feel that he has a different nuisance on his hands.