2007 Volkswagon Passat shaking

I have 2007 VW Passat 2.0t. I have a shaking coming from the rear area when driving. I have had an alignment and tires balanced. Also replaced the shocks and control arms. Any idea what could be the issue could be

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Could be a broken belt in one of the tires.

It might be a bent hub.


It’s just scared, being out in the wild, instead of a nice safe,warm shop.


Did the shaking start after doing that maintenance? I hope the lug nuts are secure too , so the wheel doesn’t fall off. I’ve seen too many YouTube videos of tires coming off of cars. Sorry if this is not a helpful reply.

Thanks all. (Even the sarcasm). I did the balancing, then the alignment. (The alignment was way off). Will get it looked at on Monday and maybe another balancing. I know it needs brakes but if it requires major suspension i may get rid of it. I have put alot into this car. The only reason i still have it is the cost of getting a new one or even a good used.

Does shaking change when speed is increased or decreased? Any change when turning vs going straight? Try the turning experiment at slow speed in a parking lot.

Dont feel it much at slow speed. Does get worse as I speed up. I will try your test. Thanks everyone.