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2002 Passat with a Shimmy

I took my car into the shop almost a week ago for a shimmy in the rear. I had already had the balanced checked on the car before taking it in there.

I first suggested that they check the motor mounts but they said the mounts were okay. So the first thing the mechanic thought was causing the issue was the Control Arm Bushings because they were worn out. So 4 days later they have repaired the bushings and they said I still have the shimmy.

Their latest guess is that the both front axles lost their plunge but since it is so odd that they both lost the plunge they are not sure if this will fix it. They want to take out one of the axles first to see if that is the issue.

Does this sound feasible to anyone?

Why are they messing with front end components when the shimmy is in the rear?

Have them swap the rear tires with the fronts. If the shimmy moves to the front, one or both tires may have a belt seperation.


It feels like it is coming from the back but its hard to tell. The full car kind of shakes, or shimmys, and is really bad when accelerating between 35 and 45 MPH but I can feel something at all times.

Forgot to mention we already swapped out the tires with no luck.