Shaky front wheel on Passat 4Motion - How bad?



Hello friends:

I have a 2005 Passat 4Motion wagon, and recently the front end has started shaking. It goes from not shaking to shaking a good amount. The steering wheel shakes and you can feel it.

I’m taking this in next week and want to be prepared. How bad is this? Any questions I should ask? How dangerous is this?


It is potentially very dangerous because this can result from defective tires and/or damaged/worn front end components, and either situation can result in loss of control of the vehicle and a possible accident. It can also result from tires that are badly out of balance as a result of having “thrown” a balancing weight.

Before you take the car to the mechanic, try to observe the specific speed at which the shaking begins and the speed at which it ceases. That can help the mechanic to resolve the issue.

Please be sure to have this attended to as soon as possible.


Thank you very much. When I drive the car around town this weekend I’ll note the data for the mechanic. My memory tells me it shakes at low to mid speeds and then goes away. Either way I’ll take it in first thing on Monday.