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2003 VW Passat

After a rotate and balance, car started shaking when I accelerated. It only shakes on acceleration. I thought I need and alignment so I had one. Didn’t stop. I replaced all four tires, breaks, and rotors as well as the front axles. Still shaking when accelerating. Help!

Take it to a good shop.
If you keep shotgunning it, you’ll break the bank!

If you replaced all the breaks then nothing is now broken. On the other hand, if you replaced the brakes, then that leaves room for other things to break, even though you can now stop more efficiently.

Engine mounts? Your mechanic should have given you better advice.

Are you doing all this work because someone is recommending it? Or, are you just telling the shop you want these services done? I don’t see any reason to mess with brakes at all, they’d have no impact on a “shake” and especially a shake just on acceleration. Same with tires.

Perhaps someone damaged a wheel during the balancing process? Are these factory wheels or aftermarket wheels? Perhaps the wheels are not being centered up on the hub when they are being mounted on the car, quite common with aftermarket wheels when you lose a centering ring.

There is no shaking when the car is going 55 mph on the highway in a straight line? It seems more likely you have broken transmission mount, engine mount, perhaps both. In a FWD car one of the CV joints could be bad, or a half shaft might not be installed properly.

Tire and wheel problems usually show up at higher speeds and get worse as speed increases. Shaking on acceleration is a drive line problem, or bad mounts causing misalignment in the drive line.