2001 Honda Accord — will a little diesel hurt?

I had put about a half a quart of diesel oil and w30 into my gasoline Honda Accord 2001 will that harm the car?

OK, once again I ask - how did you do that ? If you are in the US the diesel nozzle is not supposed to fit in the gasoline fill opening . Did you actually put 30 weight oil in the gas tank ?
Others may say different but if your tank is now full with mostly the proper fuel you might be OK. But when you reach the 3/4 mark fill up again for several times .

I have used 15W40 diesel spec oil in my cars without harm, it should not affect your engine.

It is quite common, instead of asking over and over again, why not lift the diesel nozzle add see if you are capable of adding diesel fuel to a gasoline vehicle. The difference in size is not enough to prevent someone from adding diesel fuel to a gasoline vehicle. Your lack of experience does not play credit to you.

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I’m confused-did you put diesel fuel in your gas tank, or did you put diesel-spec oil in your engine?

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I read this as he put diesel-spec motor oil into the engine, and that will not hurt a car this old. Newer models can be very picky as to what oil should be used, but a 2001 model is not going to have this problem.

That’s how I read it also.
Perhaps the OP can clarify the situation for us.

You keep saying that, but there is no law that states/requires a certain size nozzle for automotive diesel.
Only 3 laws on nozzle size

  1. Unleaded fuel nozzle size shall not exceed 13/16" in diameter.

  2. Leaded fuel nozzle size shall not be less than 15/16"in diameter.

  3. High speed diesel nozzle size (over 10 gallons a minute) size 1-3/16"

The better stations will use the 15/16" nozzle to prevent it from happening, but they are not required to do so.