2007 Trailblazer Liftgate Issues

As recommended by a forum user here, I am opening a new thread so those won’t get lost in the discussion about the issue I am currently having.

To summarize…

My liftgate will not unlock. This happened after an attempted in-dash cam installation. I checked the fuses behind the driver’s seat and they turned out good. I did see a video tutorial in which I was unsuccessful in opening the latch. I have yet to check the fuses under the hood which I will do in a bit.

Another thing, the latch was replaced a couple of months ago.

Had a broken wire in my harness going to the liftgate. Soldered a patch wire in and all was good.

Hmm. The liftgate worked before the installation. When my friend was done working wiring the cam on the front, we were to go to the liftgate to hardwire a rear cam. That is when I noticed the liftgate not working then.

If the fuses are good, then you need to recheck the wiring. he might have left one disconnected or routed wrong. also check to see if any wires are burnt or cut from reinstalling everything. check to see if your rear wiper motor is still working.
the lift gate control module controls the rear wiper motor too. if it is not working then the relay might be bad for it.

Luis- please stop hiring friends or incompetent “come to your house” mechanics to work on your car.

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A dash camera only needs ignition power and ground, difficult to mess that up. A back-up camera needs a signal from the reverse lights, easy to access from the rear of the vehicle.

Information from the first thread indicate the liftgate features stopped working 4 months ago (rear wiper). Starting a new tread omits much of the relevant information.

The liftgate was opening until now, was it locking when the doors were locked or stuck in the unlocked position?

It is possible for the connection to the liftgate to have been temporarily restored long enough for the liftgate to lock when the doors were locked. If that is the case, the ongoing problem with the liftgate wiring needs to be repaired.

In this case, I agree 100%. All of the history is lost and it likely is relevant to this situation.

+1 or 2…

The rear wiper did not work, yes. The liftgate was able to unlock and lock until 2 days ago before the cam installation. I would not have started a new thread if a user stated that it was getting harder to read the threads due to it being so long. Hence why I opened a new thread.

No, when I use the remote to lock the car, it would lock. When I unlocked the car, it would unlock.

I have not brought up any mechanical issues with the car since I have been taking it to a pro since the end of Jan :slight_smile:

The installation stopped when my friend put a spitter into a couple of the fuses. He needed a fuse that had continuity. He used this kit.


We never got to the trunk as we had left that for last. The rear wiper was disconnected months ago as I had given up on it. I would need to try to manually open the liftgate now in order to remove the panel and reconnect it and see if it works.

Could it also be possible the latch failed as well? I did replace it but it was a latch I bought off amazon. I don’t know if its possible static or something could have harmed the latch too. My friend was using gloves but he did complain he had trouble finding a good ground.

A new thread is your best approach imo for best help here for ideas to solve this lift-gate problem. If the first thread was all that is necessary, the problem would already be solved. . You could increase your odds by summarizing the pertinent lift-gate info from the other thread. If that’s not possible for some reason just post a link to the other thread.

It would have been better to do that in the other thread.

Ok so after a couple of hours, I got the liftgate to open. Here is what I did…

I used my circle saw kit to make a bigger hole than the one that was already there. Now that I had a better view, the one YouTube video I saw where I needed to lift a lever up and another to the side did not work. When my friend pulled the lever from the outside, I stuck a flathead to the bottom latch moved it to the side, and was able to open it.

After inspecting it, it seems to have shorted. My friend is getting a new latch actuator. I am also getting another liftgate module. I read that it’s better to get that used which is plug and play rather than a new one in which the dealer would overcharge so I am going that route. We also finished the installation of the dash cam and put the rear cam as well and it seems to be working. I left the panel off so I can revisit the trunk sometime next week once all of the parts come in.

I love and hate my failblazer. I will never buy one again, lol.

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Just curious, what motivates you to install fore & aft aftermarket cameras on your 07 Trailblazer?

If that was true, the fuse would be blown. Solenoids look like near shorts when you measure the resistance as it is a simple inductive coil.

A simple DVM is $10. Did you perform the electrical tests described earlier?

70% love 30% hate. Only because as it ages, it is giving more trouble. If they were still making them as trucks, I would buy another (this is my third). The new ones look good but are glorified cars IMO.

Aged Trailblazers appear quite frequently on the tv program America’s Truck Night. Vintage home-brew trucks compete against each other in way-over-the-top off-road situations. The Trailblazers don’t seem to take the gold very often, but they seem to hold their own compared to the other trucks. The winning truck often looks like it has none of its original parts, most everything on the truck appears custom or aftermarket … lol …