2006 Chevy Trailblazer liftgate/keyless entry problem

I have a problem with my keyless entry and liftgate. It began as an intermittent problem and now it is constant. I am unable to use my keyless entry. I have checked the batteries, reprogrammed the remotes and nothing works. I am unable to open my liftgate at all, unless I go in through the access hole in the liftgate from the inside and manually flip the latch. WHAT A PAIN!
I did some online research and found that this is an issue with the 2006 trailblazer. According to the information I found, it seems to be an issue with the wiring between the liftgate and the chassis. The “short” tells the vehicle that the door is open, and this is why the keyless and the liftgate have issues.
I have taken the tape off of the wires, disconnected the coupling and inspected them. I do not see any frayed wires or rubbing issues.
Where do I begin troubleshooting which wire is the problem and how do I fix this?
Any help is appreciated.

First, you should check the fuses for the LGM under the rear seat.

Next, is your backup lamp working? That would rule out a common ground fault.

Two common fault modes; wires broken or LGM failure. Contrary to what you read, the wires break internally and result in OPEN circuit, not short. You cannot see this condition as the insulation is unaffected.

If the LGM is bad, dealer repair only. Replacement has to be programmed by them with special tools…

I am quite sure it is related to a wire issue and not a fuse. When I manipulate the wires in the back (the ones from the liftgate to the chassis) there was contact reestablished and the keyless and liftgate worked for a period of time. I will check the backup light today.

The backup lights work fine.