2006 Toyota Avalon cracked dash

Passenger side dash horizontal crack in two places, bought new, car port kept. Replacement warrant?

12 year old car. Dashboards crack. Not a warranty issue, its an old car issue. Sorry.

You’d be surprised

My brother’s 2010 Mazda has a warranty extension for the dashboard

But you have a point with the age . . . my brother’s car is 8 years old, not 12

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Seems to be too late, primary coverage for the warranty extension to replace cracked dash pads expired May 31, 2017.

Secondary coverage extends the warranty to 10 years from the date of first use of the vehicle.

If you want to replace it, you might check prices on used dashboards.

Coverlay has a dash cover for your vehicle.



Thanks for the link, @Tester - those look way better than the typical carpet pad dash cover.

Here’s the Coverlay website.



There was a recall for a cracked dashboard on my 2004 4Runner. It didn’t crack until about 2015, then it took them 14 months to get the new dashboard and 2 days to install it. Check with your dealership, there may be a recall notice on your Avalon.

What you’re talking about is typically known as a warranty extension, customer satisfaction program, etc.

A recall is more for safety items, such as brakes and steering, to name 2 examples

Warranty extensions and customer satisfaction programs typically have an expiration date, recalls do not

I got my dashboard replaced for free, call it what you like. I got the notice from Toyota and I no longer have the notice since it’s repaired. My suggestion was to the OP to check with his dealership to see if there is one for him also, since his Avalon (although made in Kentucky) was about the same time.

The distinction, as to what it’s called, is actually very important

Manufacturers aren’t required to try very hard to contact you about a warranty extension for a dashboard

You’re lucky you got the notice

But I agree that it’s a good idea to contact the dealer

The warranty extension for that vehicle’s dash pad was for ten years and has expired.

We like to call it by what it is, because if he goes into the dealership and demands that they perform the cracked dash recall, the dealership is going to tell him to stuff it because there is no cracked dash recall. If, however, he asked them to perform warranty extension work then they’ll do it, assuming he still falls within the time period.

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